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Steve Kerr helps Arizona residents vote in new PSA

The Warriors coach is trying to get the vote out ahead of the upcoming election.

(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

You don’t need to know Steve Kerr well to know that he’s very invested in politics, world affairs and social justice. From comments made to reporters, to posts on his social media, Kerr is no stranger to using his voice on topics that extend far beyond the basketball court.

So it’s probably not that surprising to learn that the Golden State Warriors coach is using his platform to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election, and help make sure they know how to do so.

On Tuesday, Kerr released a PSA through the video news platform NowThis, telling Arizona residents everything they need to know about voting on Nov. 3. The video features information on deadlines, early registration, voting by mail, and some things to do and not do when voting.

While Kerr has certainly made his political views clear in the past, it’s a nonpartisan PSA that focuses solely on make sure people are able to vote.

Kerr may work in Northern California and spend his offseasons in Southern California, but he has plenty of connections to Arizona. He spent his college years at the University of Arizona, and played his rookie year for the Phoenix Suns. After his playing career concluded, he spent six years working in the Suns front office, including three as their general manager.

For Warriors fans in Arizona, listen to Kerr’s advice and make sure you’re ready to vote. And for Warriors fans in the Bay Area, here’s everything you need to know about voting in California.

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