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Hahahahahaha the Warriors won

That was unexpected.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Remember when the Golden State Warriors got humiliated by the very good Brooklyn Nets on national TV?

And then remember when the Warriors got humiliated by the very good Milwaukee Bucks on national TV?

You probably remembered all of that early in Monday’s game, when the Warriors were getting humiliated by the very good Los Angeles Lakers on national TV.

The Lakers jumped all over the Warriors. They led 10-2. They led 23-10. They led 33-14. Anthony Davis was too big and too skilled. Their wings were too active and shooting too hot from deep. LeBron James was too LeBron James.

Here’s a text exchange I had with my Warriors-loving best friend in the first quarter:

Or as Steph Curry said after the game, “something about these national TV games, we love getting down 20.”

The Warriors avoided the first part of “humiliating loss”, but it really didn’t seem like they were going to avoid the second part. They kept just close enough, with numerous comebacks that were stuffed out when they got too close, like a cat playing with its food.

In fact, when I started writing this recap in the fourth quarter, my headline was “Warriors multiple comeback bids fall short.”

The fight was important and admirable, given that the Lakers seemed to be running away with things.

But why settle for moral victories when you can have actual, honest to goodness, live in the flesh victories?

And so it was that the Warriors scratched and clawed, and with 2:40 left in the game, a Draymond Green layup gave the Dubs their first lead of the game. And once they had the lead, they turned to something that was a staple of the dynasty: ruthless, heartless, utterly savage Curry daggers.

I mean come on. Get out of here with your step-back 27-footers over 7-foot elite defenders.

By the narrowest amount, they hung onto the lead. James couldn’t make a shot at the buzzer, and the Warriors went home with smiles on their faces.

I’m not entirely positive what just happened. But it was very enjoyable.

Curry was brilliant, even though he struggled shooting. Kelly Oubre Jr. had far and away his best game with the Warriors, as did Brad Wanamaker. Andrew Wiggins made big three after big three. Eric Paschall was a beast. Kevon Looney was so solid. And Draymond Green ... well, let’s turn to Steve Kerr for this one: “he reminded me of the old Draymond tonight.”

The Warriors moved above .500 with a win against the best team in basketball. Works for me.

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