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Steph Curry passes Reggie Miller for second-most 3-pointers made in NBA history

Only Ray Allen remains above Steph on the career 3s list

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Russell Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The best shooter in NBA history took another big step up the record books on Saturday.

Steph Curry made five three-pointers in the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Utah Jazz, raising his career total to 2,562 and passing Reggie Miller for second on the NBA career list. Only Ray Allen made more shots from deep than Steph has so far.

  1. Ray Allen, 2,973
  2. Steph Curry, 2,562 (still active)
  3. Reggie Miller, 2,560
  4. Kyle Korver, 2,450
  5. James Harden, 2,362 (still active)

Curry already holds the record for most made 3s in a season, with 402 in his unanimous MVP campaign of 2015-16. His personal high of 13 in a game is one off the record of 14, held by his teammate Klay Thompson (who ranks 19th on the career list, with 1,798).

Being second on the all-time list is impressive enough, as is being on pace to inevitably take over the lead from Allen sometime next season. But a different perspective on that Top 5 list shows how far Steph truly stands apart, including three-point percentage, games played, and attempts per game.

  1. Ray Allen: 40.0% made, 1,300 games, 5.7 shots per game
  2. Steph Curry: 43.3% made, 715 games, 8.3 shots per game
  3. Reggie Miller: 39.5% made, 1,385 games, 4.7 shots per game
  4. Kyle Korver: 42.9% made, 1,232 games, 4.6 shots per game
  5. James Harden: 36.3% made, 845 games, 7.7 shots per game

Curry has barely played half as many games as Allen and Miller did, but he’s already matching them in made 3s thanks to higher volume and far superior efficiency. Korver comes close in percentage, but he made barely half as many attempts per game. Harden is just out there chucking.

Steph’s 43.3% rate ranks seventh all-time, on a list led by his coach Steve Kerr and his brother Seth Curry. His gravity is so extreme that just knowing him off the court apparently gets you open looks.

  1. Steve Kerr, .4540 (made 726)
  2. Seth Curry, .4497 (made 474) (still active)
  3. Hubert Davis, .4409 (made 728)
  4. Duncan Robinson, .4405 (made 333) (still active)
  5. Drazen Petrovic, .4374 (made 255)
  6. Jason Kapono, .4336 (made 457)
  7. Steph Curry, .4331 (made 2,562) (still active)
  8. Tim Legler, .4312 (made 260)
  9. Steve Novak, .4301 (made 575)
  10. Joe Harris, .4300 (made 673) (still active)

(Klay ranks 14th, at .4190)

Nobody else on that list has even made 800 deep shots overall, whereas Curry is halfway to his third thousand. In fact, if you combine all the threes that the six players above him on the list have made, it’s only slightly higher than the amount he’s made on his own (coincidentally, they add up to 2,973, exactly Allen’s total). Choose a higher arbitrary minimum cutoff for qualification, and Steph would have the highest percentage in history.

And he’s not done. There are still 56 games left in this season, and he only turns 33 in March. He could still have the better part of a decade left in the tank, and sharpshooting is one of the most sustainable skills when a player gets old. His 37.9% rate so far this winter is low by his standards, but if you give him a mulligan for his first two rusty games then he’s at 40.1% in the 14 contests since.

The only question remaining is what new height Steph will set the new career mark at when he ultimately retires. Is cracking 4,000 out of the question?

In the meantime, here’s the shot that officially moved Steph past Miller:

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