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Klay Thompson steals the show in Warriors win over Detroit

The Splash Brother was on broadcast duties and he nailed it.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Detroit Pistons 118-91 on Saturday night. It was a dominant game featuring dominant offense and dominant defense.

Steph Curry had 28 points and 7 assists and shot 11-for-17 from the field and 6-for-8 from deep. Andrew Wiggins had an efficient 20 points. Jordan Poole was electric. Kelly Oubre Jr. bounced back. Draymond Green was tremendous.

But none of it matters because in the third quarter the broadcasters were joined by Klay Thompson and, with apologies to Curry’s 62-point game, it was the highlight of the season.

So forget the game, even though it was good. Let’s run with Klay.

First off, he was advertised as joining the team in the second quarter, but didn’t show up until the third quarter; once there, the first thing he said was that he was trying to get out of it. And then it was brilliance and hilarity nonstop, starting with a mic check.

He marveled at a Curry three:

He dropped his broadcasting credentials while making a strong case to take over duties full-time:

And then he actually tried his hand at play-by-play:

He made a claim that he was coming for some three-point records:

And most hilariously, when Pistons reserve Rodney McGruder seemed to start something after the game, Thompson single-handedly tried to end his career:

And then he wrapped it up with the greatest post-game interview in the history of modern sports. First, asking the important questions:

Then finding out his quick math might not be the greatest:

And finally he pitted the Curry family against the Thompson family with a walk-off question:


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