Why Stephen Curry is the Best Point Guard in this Era of Basketball

Most basketball fans know about Steph Curry’s simple backstory. He was mostly overlooked for tiny Davidson college even though his father played in the NBA as a sharpshooter in the 1990s. He finally attracted enough attention to get drafted No. 7 after a monster senior year.

Since, he has rewritten the position of point guard beyond all the rest like Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving who have more traditional skills or flamboyance. It’s clear that he has not only redefined what a shooting point guard can be, but has proven himself to be the clear GOAT point guard in the 21st Century.

Curry’s natural ability is to get open when it seems impossible to do so. He sets an abnormal amount of screens to get teammates open. Curry’s most used technique is when a player sets a screen for him off the ball and he goes under and around it. From there he decides what to do with the ball.

Curry has battled quite a few injuries in his career. After each, his fan count shortens. Even though that has hurt him in the last couple of years, he still has come back to play like an MVP superstar.. He played every game like it was his last, unlike other players who pace themselves with load management.

Irving has won one NBA title in his career while Paul was denied his best championship opportunity a few months ago. Curry has reached the promised land three times in his NBA career. Irving was the sidekick on the 2016 Cavaliers, but Curry was the Warrior’s best player and heart of the franchise.

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