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A comprehensive list of former Warriors on other teams

From Kevin Durant to Brad Wanamaker, all the former Warriors currently in the NBA.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

If you want a good reminder as to just how small the NBA is, and how hard it is to stick around, here you go: there are only 14 players currently on NBA rosters who used to play for the Golden State Warriors. That’s not that many, especially when you consider that Steph Curry has had far more than 100 different teammates since the Dubs drafted him seventh overall in 2009.

But even with just 14 ex-Warriors around the league, it’s fun to look around and see where the former Dubs are hanging out and getting their buckets. So here’s the list:

Teams with two former Warriors

Sacramento Kings: Harrison Barnes and Damian Jones

Don’t look now, but Barnes has turned into a really good player. A year after having a breakout season in terms of efficiency, the former lottery pick is playing like a star through four games, averaging 26.8 points and 10 rebounds, while shooting 51.4% from the field and 51.5% from three-point range.

Jones finished last season on the Kings, but has yet to appear in a game this year.

Indiana Pacers: Justin Holiday and Brad Wanamaker

For someone who only played 59 games for the Warriors, and averaged just 4.3 points in that time span, Holiday occupies a special place in most Dubs fans’ hearts.

Wanamaker? Umm ... probably not so much.

Teams with one former Warrior

Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Durant

Remember KD? Yeah?

He was awesome. Still is.

Charlotte Hornets: Kelly Oubre Jr.

You can come to your own conclusions as to why Oubre didn’t work out with the Warriors, but the fact of the matter is he’s playing much, much better in Charlotte, and once again found his three-point stroke.

Dallas Mavericks: Willie Cauley-Stein

I maintain that Warriors fans greatly under appreciated WCS during his brief stint with the team in a miserable season.

Los Angeles Lakers: Kent Bazemore

At first I thought the Warriors would miss Bazemore this season, but with how well Damion Lee is playing, and the additions of Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter Jr., I don’t think they do.

Minnesota Timberwolves: D’Angelo Russell

I’m sure some people have thoughts about the D’Angelo Russell era.

New York Knicks: Alec Burks

Burks was a good Warrior on an awful team, and it’s nice to see him carve out a role these last two years in New York.

Orlando Magic: Mychal Mulder

The Magic recently signed Mulder to a two-way contract, though he’s yet to appear in a game for them. I didn’t expect the Dubs to sign Jeff Dowtin over him, so who knows what happened there.

Phoenix Suns: JaVale McGee

We love McGee here, and it’s good to see him getting to throw down lobs from one of the best passers in NBA history.

Toronto Raptors: Chris Boucher

My favorite fact about Boucher is that he played in exactly one game, and for exactly 79 seconds with the Warriors.

Utah Jazz: Eric Paschall

A lot of Warriors fans were sad to see Paschall go, though sadly he’s not exactly making them regret that decision right now. Wishing him the best in Utah, where he gets to play with his good friend Donovan Mitchell.

Teams with no former Warriors

Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Pelicans, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Washington Wizards

Well screw these teams, they’re no fun.

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