The Influence of Influencers - Online Casinos in the Blogosphere

You don’t need to be an actor, an athlete, or a musician to become a celebrity these days. All you need is a field of expertise, a good camera, and an excellent knack for social media. New digital influencers are rising from anonymity to stardom every day. Watched by scores of followers; they talk about everything—travel, food, fashion, books, politics, religion; you name it.

The number of gambling influencers has been rising at a staggering speed lately. Why is it so?

Name and Fame

Digital influencers embody one of the most applied marketing strategies: affiliate marketing. Companies of all branches are paying top dollar to influencers who can boost their sales. Investing in digital influencers have a few advantages over more traditional mediums, such as TV campaigns.

For instance, there's no way to know what kind of audience is being reached on TV and radio campaigns. There’s no way of knowing whether the people watching are interested in your material. A brand recommended by influencers with thousands of followers is a brand that is likely to grow quickly.

When companies hire influencers to do their advertising job, they’re trying to reach an audience that actually cares. Nowadays, every online casino trying to expand its reach resorts to affiliate programs as an element of their ongoing marketing campaigns.


The Major Influencer Platforms

There are a huge number of influencers across the many media platforms that have risen through the years. However, there are some sites and platforms that have emerged far more popular than others depending on what kind of influencer you are looking at.

The most popular platforms for the influencers interested in online casinos seem to be YouTube and Twitter, two of the most popular media platforms that are on the internet. YouTube makes a lot of sense for casino influencers, as the famous video sharing website allows for influencers to share their experiences and games whilst providing commentary for their viewers. As the "Let’s Play" genre of video hasn’t stopped growing since its inception around 2011, it makes perfect sense that many online casino fans want to watch charismatic players as they spin slots and play their hands.

Interestingly, Twitch has been gaining increasing amounts of traction in the online casino and poker communities. The live streaming service boasts an estimated 41 million users with many channels growing rapidly, meaning that this service may be the next place we see influencers rising the ranks.

Elite Squad

There are influencers for all casino games you can imagine. Yet, the most successful ones come from the slots department. Albert’s slot machines, Brian Christopher, and Lady Luck are the three influencers with the most followers. The three influencers combined would have over 200,000 followers.

Another two names you should know of come from Twitter, those being "Big Cat" and Vanesa Selbst. These two influencers boast a combined total of over one million followers, so these are definitely two of the people you need to be watching for the best news and updates for online casinos.


Digital influencers can bring specialized, and sometimes, even privileged, information about specific topics. Online casinos aren’t different. There are many bloggers dedicated to ranking and commenting on the best sites and games.

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