A potential trade no one is talking about

Thanks to the ESPN trade tracker, a trade between Sacramento and Philadelphia could be accomplished which could help both teams: D. Fox and a couple of draft choices for Ben Simmons. For Sacramento, they are giving up value, but that is what a team has to do to get value. The Kings are set with starting guards in Halliburton and Mitchell, with Heid as a shooting reserve, so Fox is somewhat expendable. The addition of Simmons and starting Mitchell would go a long way to cure Sacramento’s defensive woes.

For Philadelphia, they would be getting a young potentially perennial all-star in Fox and, at the same time, shore up their weakest position (point guard). in addition, the trade would save Philly millions in luxury tax dollars. And, of course, they’d be getting rid of a big headache. Sounds too good to be true? You betcha!

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