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The 5 best moments from Stephen Curry’s record-setting celebration

Relive some of the best moments from Steph’s historic night.

Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors defeated the New York Knicks on Tuesday in a grind-it-out style 105-96 victory. But, of course, few people will remember the specifics of the game since Stephen Curry surpassed Ray Allen and became the all-time NBA record holder in made threes. So, for those who missed it live or just want to relive the historic moment, here are the five best moments from Steph’s record-setting night.

1. The Shot

While it would have come later, that shot will be one of the most replayed of the nearly 3,000 Curry has already hit in his Warriors career. Many have expected Curry to set this record for a long time, but it was clear how much this record meant to him after it went in. The raw emotion in his celebration said it all.

Perhaps in a perfect metaphor for the evolution of the Warriors franchise during Curry’s tenure, Andrew Wiggins, who was considered one of the biggest busts in the NBA before finding a role with the Dubs, assisted him on the shot. Curry’s first career NBA three was assisted by former Warriors center Andris Biedrins. Biedrins showed flashes throughout his career, even earning a significant contract from Golden State, but a combination of factors prevented him from becoming a consistent contributor.

The Warriors’ transformation from laughing stock to a desired destination spans Curry’s career and is arguably his greatest achievement. The fact that one of the Warriors’ most successful acquisitions was involved in the play was another reminder of how far Curry has carried the franchise.

2. Steph and his parents

It’s surely been a challenging year for the Curry family as Steph’s parents have begun taking steps towards divorce. However, while Dell and Sonya Curry were not sitting together on Tuesday, they both were on hand for Steph’s achievement. After celebrating with his dad immediately after the shot, Curry’s mother was waiting for him by the bench when he was subbed out shortly after. Family is rarely easy, but there was something special about seeing Steph still get to share that moment with both of his parents despite all that has gone on this year for them.

3. Steph and his teammates

If Klay Thompson could have been on the court with Steph, that would have made it even better. Still, seeing Curry and Draymond Green embrace in the moments that followed was a sight to see. As passionate and frustrating as Green can be at times on the court, it’s always been clear how much love and respect he shares with Steph. The world got to see that after Curry set the record.

Oh, and Steph had a little surprise for Green and Andre Iguodala too.

*It was later reported that Curry has purchased a Rolex for Klay as well

4. The legends

There’s not much that needs to be said about this. Reggie Miller was on a TNT broadcast (alongside Steve Kerr) when Ray Allen passed him for the record, and Allen was in attendance while Miller was back on the call for Curry. Interestingly enough, Kerr was playing for the Bulls against Miller when Reggie originally took the top spot on the leaderboard.

5. Spike Lee

There’s rarely a special moment at Madison Square Garden without Spike Lee. After the game, he ranged all over the court to get some pictures to commemorate the day.

I’d say he got at least one impressive shot.

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