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Warriors can blow a lead better than the Magic can

Golden State let one slip out of their hands.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This was my initial recap:

Yeah, I dunno, whatever, the Warriors either won or lost, I don’t really know what happened, because my stream got interrupted every seven seconds so that NBA League Pass could tell me that I “had too many concurrent streams” even though I was only watching the game on one platform. The NBA is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, and is openly concerned with growing the game, yet refuses to fix a horribly broken product that consistently keeps people from being able to watch the game. It is so infuriating.

That recap stands, but we do need to actually talk about the Golden State Warriors loss to the Orlando Magic. Just not with great detail because, you know ... /gestures vaguely at above paragraph.

The glass half empty view of Friday night’s game is what the headline says: The Warriors can blow a lead better than the Magic can.

The ... uhh ... also glass half empty view is the other side of the coin: The Warriors can’t make a comeback quite as successfully as the Magic can.

Here’s what happened. Orlando jumped out to a 17-point lead, and the Dubs seemed dead in the water. But they weren’t! They showed the same fight that propelled them to a miraculous and confounding victory over the Miami Heat on Wednesday, and, thanks in large part to a 43-point third quarter, turned that 17-point deficit into a 13-point lead.

And then, just to make the Magic feel at home (where they were playing, after all), the Warriors one-upped Orlando and blew that lead.

The two teams even flirted with repeating the dance, when a pair of ridiculous threes by Steph Curry in the final minute cut a seven-point deficit to one, before Orlando held on for a 124-120 win.

And so the quest for three marches on, as the Warriors have still not won — or lost — three straight games all year long.

It was a rare second straight off night shooting for Curry, who went just 11-for-29 from the field and 6-for-16 from deep, moving his two-game total to 19-for-54 from the field and 11-for-36 from three-point range. But he had 11 assists and 7 rebounds, and helped lead an offensive performance that was, at times, quite successful.

Just not as successful as their ability to blow a lead, apparently.

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