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Draymond Green out after second quarter ankle sprain

A bad game got even worse.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Nothing went right for the Golden State Warriors in the first half on Sunday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. In addition to trailing by 29 at the break, Warriors power forward Draymond Green suffered a left ankle sprain, and was pulled from the game.

There are some silver linings, thankfully. First, the injury did not appear to be serious, and Green left the court on his own power. It wouldn’t be shocking if we find out after the game that Green would have played through the sprain had the Warriors not been out of the game. And second, the Warriors have consecutive off days before visiting the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday for the penultimate game of the first half. So there’s a bit of time for him to heal up.

Still, watching the second-best player on the team leave the court due to injury is never a fun thing. Heal up, Dray. None of us want to watch the Warriors try and play defense without you.

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