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Will the Warriors reunite with any of their former players?

A few are available. Is a reunion in the works?

Los Angeles Clippers versus Golden State Warriors Photo by Nhat V. Meyer/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images


Oh, sorry, were you expecting an actual article, with a lead-in, body, and conclusion? OK, I can do that too. I guess.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Golden State Warriors adding some reinforcements to their roster. Those talks have calmed down a little bit since James Wiseman and Kevon Looney returned from injury, but they’re still there.

There are obvious obstacles. Mychal Mulder’s contract became fully guaranteed last week, which means the Warriors now have 15 guaranteed contracts. To clear an open roster spot, they would need to eat the money and waive a guaranteed contract, or make a trade. Neither seem particularly likely.

But if they did feel the need to switch things up, there are some names available. Specifically, there are some names that are familiar with the Warriors locker room, players, coaches, and schemes. Let’s check in on five of them, and see if a Warriors reunion could be in the works.

Quinn Cook

Why is he available? The Los Angeles Lakers waived Cook last week, before his contract became fully guaranteed. With Alex Caruso and Talen Horton-Tucker proving valuable backcourt options, Cook was having a hard time finding playing time with the defending champs, and had played only 62 minutes all season.

Why would the Warriors be interested? Cook was beloved in the Warriors locker room, as he was in the Lakers locker room. Players love him, coaches love him, teams love him. You can never have too many good locker room guys, and I’m sure if the Warriors had unlimited money and roster spots, they’d be all over a reunion for that reason.

What makes the Warriors lose interest? For all the adoration Cook is showered in, he struggles a bit on the court. He’s very rough defensively, and his primary offensive contribution is his ability to make open threes. Warriors fans have been ranting a lot lately about Brad Wanamaker, but the reality is that Wanamaker is still a comfortably better player than Cook.

Is there any chance of this happening? There is no chance of the Warriors seeking out Cook. However, if they were to make a big trade for other reasons, and end up with an opening on their roster, Cook would be a natural fit.

DeMarcus Cousins

Why is he available? Cousins was up-and-down during his short stint with the Houston Rockets, and it culminated in the team opting to waive him last week. Boogie was initially a backup center behind Christian Wood, but was getting starter minutes due to Wood’s injury, and they weren’t going well.

His size and slowness didn’t fit with Houston’s desire to play small, and his defensive struggles didn’t help the team’s identity.

Why would the Warriors be interested? For as talented as James Wiseman is, the Warriors are still mostly lacking a big man who can go and get them a bucket. Cousins is still a player that you can feed the rock to, and have him get you a decent shot.

What makes the Warriors lose interest? Barring another injury, the Warriors don’t need a center. Wiseman and Kevon Looney are both better than Cousins, and the Warriors best units still come with Draymond Green at the five. Cousins also had some troubling news off the court following his part with the Warriors, and it would make sense if they wanted to avoid that (read: I hope they would want to avoid that).

Is there any chance of this happening? I don’t see it. Maybe if Wiseman or Looney were to suffer a season-ending injury, but even if that happened I think the Warriors would rather just commit to playing small ball, and maybe throwing some crazy minutes at Alen Smailagić.

Damian Jones

Why is he available? Technically he’s not, as Jones is currently playing on a 10-day contract with the Lakers. But once Anthony Davis returns, conventional wisdom says Jones will return to the free agency market.

Why would the Warriors be interested? Tall, athletic, lobs. That’s it.

What makes the Warriors lose interest? Unlike the other players on this list, Jones spent a significant amount of time in the Warriors organization. There’s a reason it didn’t work out.

Is there any chance of this happening? No.

Glenn Robinson III

Why is he available? Robinson had fallen out of the Sacramento Kings rotation, and was waived prior to his contract guaranteeing.

Why would the Warriors be interested? The team loved Robinson’s stint last year, and he was a hit in the locker room. Athletic wings are always a good thing to have.

What makes the Warriors lose interest? The Warriors surely prefer Kent Bazemore to Robinson at the moment, and probably Damion Lee as well. Possibly even Mychal Mulder, due to his three-point shooting. It’s hard to find anywhere for Robinson to play.

Is there any chance of this happening? Similar to the answer for Cook, Robinson would make a great reunion piece if the Warriors lose a few players in a larger trade. But they’re certainly not moving anyone to accommodate him.

Jacob Evans III

Why is he available? Evans hasn’t been on any NBA team this year, and recently signed with the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Why would the Warriors be interested? They drafted Evans for a reason, and kept him around for a while for a reason. If he were to ever actualize the things the team saw in him, he’d be an interesting player.

What makes the Warriors lose interest? You watched him play for the team. Unless he’s dramatically turned his game around, the Warriors will be uninterested.

Is there any chance of this happening? The Warriors have a close look at Evans in the G League, though only for a few more days. Hard to imagine him impressing enough during that time to get on any radars.

In conclusion, don’t expect any roster moves for former Warriors.

See, I could have saved you 10 minutes and just gone with the one-word article after all.

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