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Warriors get embarrassed and obliterated, have their entire existence mocked by Clippers

The game, it is/was bad.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

I’m going to eschew the traditional recap for Thursday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers. Instead, I’m just going to give you some bullet point thoughts and facts.

  • As I write this, there are more than 10 minutes left in the game, and the Warriors are losing by 32 points. This article will be published while the game is still going, because we all know how this ends.
  • Steve Kerr did not play James Wiseman until the fourth quarter, presumably as discipline for missing a coronavirus test and not being able to practice on Wednesday. Personally, I think this is pretty silly, and don’t understand why publicly addressing something, and lessening your team’s chances of winning, is the right way to address behavioral issues.
  • The Warriors started the second quarter with a lineup of Nico Mannion, Jordan Poole, Kelly Oubre Jr., Juan Toscano-Anderson, and Eric Paschall.
  • That lineup, up against a championship contender, played exactly as you would have expected.
  • Steph Curry had perhaps his worst game of the year, and also showed a frustration with his teammates that we haven’t seen in ... ever?
  • Draymond Green had more threes than Curry.
  • Kawhi Leonard was really good. No one on the Warriors was even remotely good.
  • The Warriors do not currently look like a playoff team, let alone a strong playoff team. The season is long, and there’s plenty of time to fix that. But there is a lot to fix.
  • There are now six minutes remaining in the game. The Warriors are trailing by 30. I think it’s time to publish this article.

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