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Holy crap Steph Curry is good

Oh, and the Warriors won.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Let’s get some pertinent details out of the way before we really dive into this article.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.

The Warriors crushed the Thunder, winning 136-97 and asserting themselves as a team capable of playing nicely and handling business.

The Dubs maintained control of the No. 8 spot in the Western Conference with four games left to play.

The team set a franchise record by making 27 three-pointers, with nine of their 10 healthy players connecting from deep (only Kevon Looney failed to get in on the action).

Those are all good things, and we should all be grateful that the Warriors accomplished them. But there’s really no point in talking about them when we could instead talk about Steph Curry.

Steve Kerr has mentioned on numerous occasions this season that he has emptied his tank of superlatives for Curry. I’m guessing I don’t share many things in life with Kerr, other than a surname that begins with a K and a California driver’s license, but I certainly share an inability to come up with the proper words to explain Steph’s mystical bounceball powers.

Still, I have to say something. Curry scored 49 points, despite not touching the court for the fourth quarter, and playing a mere 29 minutes (side note: in the last six years, there have been eight instances of a player scoring 45 or more points in 30 or fewer minutes: Curry is three of those instances and Klay Thompson is two of them).

He made 11 threes on the night (on 21 attempts), marking the seventh time this season he’s made 10 or more threes in a game — more than every other player in the league combined.

Curry sported a true-shooting percentage north of 80%, which is utterly ridiculous and ... look, I already admitted I don’t possess the literary skills to adequately describe Curry’s current brilliance, so let’s touch in with the one thing that does: video.

Here’s Curry making a pair of deep threes to open the game and making them look like mid-rangers:

Here’s Curry reminding you that part of why he’s the greatest shooter ever is because he’s arguably the greatest off-ball mover ever:

Here’s Curry making wild shots that don’t even count, because why not?

Here’s Curry reminding everyone that he’s probably the best two-for-one player in NBA history:

Here’s Curry doing something that you might not see any other superstar do — setting a screen, and using it as a way to get open:

Here’s Curry taking a practice shot from Piedmont:

Here’s Curry being the beneficiary of Draymond Green’s awesomeness:

Here’s Curry not having any interest in his opponent’s defense:

So yeah. I can’t put to words what Steph Curry is doing, but thankfully a picture is worth 1,000 words, which means a video is worth 10,000 words, which means eight videos are worth 80,000 words.

Thanks for the 80,000-word article, Steph.

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