Kuminga dropping to #7

Lots of press lately that Barnes goes to Orlando, OKC takes Bouknight or Segun and bypasses Kuminga. This would leave Kuminga on the board at #7. I never really seriously considered this scenario. I suppose the W's would draft him but he is more of a development project especially offensively. The W's could get D out of him but probably not as much offensively. If this scenario unfolds, I suppose they could go for the best offensive player available at #14 or trade down and take a Cam Thomas or Chris Duarte. Alternatively, if Kuminga is available at #7 I'm sure the W's would get a lot of trade offers (probably applies to OKC as well). Or maybe this is all a smokescreen by Presti to get the W's to move up to get Bouknight.

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