Random Thoughts

1. Heading into 2021-22, I think the Warriors are as good as anyone, on paper, right now. Is there a better starting 5 than Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Green, and Looney/Wiseman?

2. Nothing against Davion Mitchell, but as a #7 ($4.5M) or #14 ($2.3M) is he, as a 23-yr old, that much better than Nico Mannion ($450K), as a 20-yr old? It seems to me, that if backup point guard is a need the better way to spend that money is on a veteran FA. Obviously someone better than Brad Wanamaker but how about TJ McConnell, Cam Payne, Jeff Teague, or Reggie Jackson - they might fit into the TPMLE with dollars to spare. Or, maybe sign-and-trade Oubre to the Knicks for Derrick Rose.

3. Shouldn't the draft be ALL about upside? Coach Kerr is on record that only 10 guys are going to play significant minutes. Meyers said; "we won't sacrifice winning games for the sake of player development", which means to me, we're not going to draft a project and throw him out there for 25-30 minutes a night just so he can learn from his mistakes. OK, sure - isn't that what Santa Cruz is for? They have 8 of the 10 rotation guys under guaranteed contract already; Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Green, Looney, Wiseman, Poole, and JTA. Virtually any rookie that comes in is going to be the 9th or 10th guy on the bench before bringing back Bazemore, assuming that a rookie would be ahead of Paschall, and/or adding any veteran FA.

4. My ideal off-season would be; bring back Bazemore to help eat up any minutes Klay needs to rest/recover, sign a vet PG to the MLE, execute a sign-and-trade for Oubre that brings back a stretch big, draft the 2 highest potential prospects with the expectation that they are the last 2 guaranteed contracts on the roster and will be in SC for the full G-League season so they can hopefully contribute come March.

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