GSW 2021 Draft … Day Before Draft Wish List

Curry / Klay / Dray are no longer young, but have games based on very high skills and IQ which (health aside) should age well. Wiggins / Wiseman / Poole are young, and show potential to be part of GSW's long term foundation. My hopes are that GSW utilizes this 2021 offseason to continue the long term foundation build by adding more multi-positional players adept at playing in today's 3pt-centric NBA.

This is considered a deep draft year, and there are many prospects worthy of consideration. Four (4) NBA 2021 draft prospects, who should be available at the 7 and / or 14 picks, include Moses Moody, Chris Duarte, Corey Kispert, and Isaiah Todd. These 4 are particularly intriguing, as they have the multi-positional capabilities, movement, passing, and especially shooting (3pt / FT / TS) to excel with GSW in today's NBA.

  • Moses Moody -- 6'6" 211 lbs; 35.8% 3pt / .812 FT / .568 TS; high FTA rate 19yo with 7' wingspan … Paul Pierce lite?
  • Chris Duarte -- 6'6" 190 lbs; 42.4% 3pt / .810 FT / .657 TS; highly efficient 24yo NBA ready? … Klay Thompson lite?
  • Corey Kispert -- 6'7" 224 lbs; 44% 3pt / .878 FT / .674 TS; highly efficient 22yo NBA ready? … better than Joe Harris?
  • Isaiah Todd -- 6'10" 219 lbs; 36.2% 3pt / .824 FT / .528 TS; versatile 19yo with 7'1.25" wingspan … Chris Bosh lite?


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