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Final mock draft round up

Who will the Warriors select in the 2021 NBA Draft?

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Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament - Semifinals Creighton v UConn
Will the Warriors draft UConn guard James Bouknight with the No. 7 pick?
Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images

Well, well, well, would you look at that. We all woke up today to the shocking news that it’s time for the 2021 NBA Draft.

The Golden State Warriors could end up trading their picks, but for now we’re all operating under the assumption that they’ll select one player at No. 7 and another at No. 14.

But whom will they pick? That’s what we’re all trying to figure out, and opinions are split.

We’ve looked at dozens of mock drafts over the last few months and now, on draft day, we’ve got our final iterations of all of them. So let’s see what players are being projected to be your new favorite Warriors, with some blurbs from everyone along the way.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony

No. 7: Franz Wagner, forward, Michigan

For the Warriors, Wagner represents the best of both worlds in many ways, a 19-year-old with upside to grow into who also looks ready to contribute and help a team win games. He doesn’t have the type of ballhandling ability or explosive athleticism to project shouldering heavy usage or wow anyone with star-level upside, but players in his mold are difficult to find

No. 14: Chris Duarte, guard, Oregon

Adding a ready-made contributor like Duarte who can make shots, play off the ball and be competent defensively likely makes the most sense. He is one of the oldest players projected to be drafted and looks like a plug-and-play fit thanks to his strong perimeter shooting, passing and defensive playmaking instincts.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor

No. 7: Franz Wagner, forward, Michigan

Wagner claims he has grown almost 2 inches since college, meaning he’s nearly 6-foot-11. Multiple league sources believe that to be true, though there still hasn’t been an updated official measurement. But the taller he gets, the higher his potential rises.

No. 14: Chris Duarte, guard, Oregon

He’s a sharpshooter who can create off the bounce and play quality defense. Don’t rule out Golden State trading down, either.

SB Nation’s Ricky O’Donnell

No. 7: James Bouknight, guard, UConn

His scoring ability is seen as a known quantity in a draft that doesn’t offer many outside of the top-four. It’s not our favorite pick personally, but Bouknight’s instant offense and endless motion in the halfcourt could be a nice fit in Steve Kerr’s offense.

No. 14: Corey Kispert, wing, Gonzaga

Their top option should be a trade for immediate help with Steph Curry coming off a near MVP season, Draymond Green still playing at an All-Defense level, and Klay Thompson finally returning after two years missed because of injury. It’s just hard to find a deal out there that feels worth it for both sides.

The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie

No. 7: Jonathan Kuminga, wing, G League Ignite

Kuminga would absolutely be the highest-upside asset if the Warriors are looking to try to go star-hunting. He’s a legitimate shot creator. But his downside is much greater than that of Bouknight or Moody, as he’s not a particularly good shooter or defender right now despite athleticism that would make you think he should be.

No. 14: Chris Duarte, guard, Oregon

His ability to shoot and defend would be different from anything else the team currently has in the backcourt off the bench. This is certainly on the higher end for Duarte, but the Warriors would likely need to pick him here if they want to end draft night with him because the Wizards are also thought to be big fans.

The Athletic’s John Hollinger

No. 7: James Bouknight, guard, UConn

Golden State’s debate is likely one between trade value and the ability to help this season. Whomever the Warriors pick at No. 7 and No. 14, those players are likely to be the centerpieces of any trade offer for Lillard or Beal. But if there is no deal for those players, the Warriors also need to be okay having the player they select play all year, and hopefully contribute right away.

No. 14: Davion Mitchell, guard, Baylor

Two names consistently come up with the second Golden State pick, and not surprisingly they’re two older players who can contribute immediately: Mitchell and Oregon guard Chris Duarte. Mitchell seems to have the upper hand of the two, although there might be some hesitation to pick him here if the Warriors end up taking James Bouknight 7th

The Athletic’s Zach Harper

No. 7: James Bouknight, guard, Uconn

Bouknight has a lot of different ways to burn a defense. His stop-and-go nature, the way he shifts speeds, and the way he can adjust to things at the drop of a hat makes him so enticing. It won’t just be ‘look for one shot and see if it goes in.’ Bouknight will be able to alter his reactions in real time and find an even better attack for himself. Draymond Green will need to keep Bouknight focused on defense, but don’t all rookies need better focus on defense?

No. 14: Chris Duarte, guard, Oregon

Duarte can play right away for this Warriors team. He’s probably even more trustworthy on Day 1 than Bouknight. He’s a good scorer. He’s a fantastic shooter. I actually think he’s a better playmaker than he was asked to be at Oregon. Dropping him into the Warriors system will bring that out of him.

SI’s Jeremy Woo

No. 7: Josh Giddey, guard, Australia

A potential decision between Giddey and Kuminga, in this scenario, in some ways evokes the Warriors’ choice at No. 2 in last year’s draft. Kuminga mirrors James Wiseman, as the player with the higher upside and better physical tools, who’s at least a year or two away from helping your team. Giddey is an accomplished, tall passer who’s used to playing with older players, but an imperfect fit with the roster, which from a macro perspective echoes LaMelo Ball.

No. 14: Davion Mitchell, guard, Baylor

Teams have been a bit cooler on Mitchell than the public discourse for much of the season, with his age, size, and limited résumé as a shooter pushing him down into this part of the draft. But he’s been a late bloomer, and his intangibles, work ethic, defensive toughness, and developing offensive game are still highly enticing, and would fit well here in a situation where he’s not tasked with too much playmaking responsibility right away.

Well there we have it, folks. A whole bunch of names. We’ll find out soon enough.

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