Trade Idea (involving Wiseman and the Wizards)

In light of events last night - I have a trade idea involving James Wiseman and the Washington Wizards that has nothing to do with Bradley Beal, which is simple and I think it benefits both teams:

James Wiseman for Montrezl Harrell (and a 2nd Rd pick, if we can get it).

Contracts work: Wise is due $9.16M , Trez is due $9.7M (expiring MLE)

Why Washington Does It:

  • They are in full rebuild mode (always), so they can roll the dice and have the patience for Wiseman to develop.
  • Trez is who he is at this point, but Wiseman still hasn't reached his ceiling
  • Trez is on an expiring deal, so they would likely move him elsewhere anyways
  • If they didn't trade him, there's no way Trez is staying there and would leave in FA next summer.
  • Think of the spin from the Wizards side: They were able to get out from Russell Westbrook and his awful contract, (and John Wall's contract), and land a former 2nd overall pick!

Why the Warriors Do It:

  • (Nothing new here) Championship window won't be open forever, and Trez can help them win now
  • Trez + Draymond = elite energy, hustle and attitude and elite defensive frontcourt
  • Stagger Trez and Draymond and you can maintain the defensive intensity when one sits
  • Wiseman is still at least another year away before they know if they will have something
  • If it doesn't work out, he's on an expiring deal, so they save ~ $9-10M against the cap next year
If you are the Warriors I only see two potential downsides to this deal, (1) Wiseman's upside, and (2) Wiseman being on his rookie deal for a few more years. However, I would argue that the benefits still outweigh the losses - Wiseman's rookie deal is essentially on par with the MLE, so in theory, if it weren't Trez, you could maybe slot another win-now big into the team in future years. And, Wiseman's rookie deal is only a "benefit" if he is actually contributing. Otherwise - its a detriment and they would be looking to move on when they can, and they would get diminishing returns on a possible trade down the road. Otherwise, the Warriors need to face facts and understand they likely can't have it both ways by keeping Wiseman and do whatever they can to extend their championship window with Wiseman (ie - while waiting for Wiseman).


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