Kevin Durant: I don’t have any regrets about joining Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant was seen to be unhappy at the end of his spell with the Golden State Warriors.

The 32-year-old small forward joined the Warriors having lost to them in the 2016 playoffs which launched his career forward. The small forward spent most of his time in the Warriors convincing people that he didn't take the easy way to win a championship title.

Draymond Green and Steve Kerr admitted that Durant was not given the credit he deserved after besting Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James in the 2017 NBA Finals, with online casino au giving odds for the game at the time. The player felt he was disrespected by the Golden State, claiming that he couldn't into the Warriors team like every other player as he felt overshadowed by their superstar Stephen Curry.

In his argument with Draymond Green during a game, his word was roughly: "You’re a b****, and you know you’re a b****. We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave."

Annoyed with how the incident was handled by the team, the 32-year-old forward isolated himself from his teammates, and when he spoke publicly, the player sounded snobbish. He admitted that he decided to leave the Golden State on his third season.

It was also confirmed that Durant clashed with Kerr on offensive philosophy.

During the 2019 NBA Finals, Durant returned from the sidelines only to get injured one more with several questioning whether the team rushed the player for a quick return.

For the player to achieve so much success with the Golden State yet left the team in just three seasons indicated that there were serious problems in the team. Questions were also asked if Durant regretted going to the Golden State Warriors in the first place.

In his interview with Green for Bleacher Report, Durant said via casino en ligne canadiens: "I felt like I was the absolute perfect fit with what you guys were doing on both ends of the ball. And I knew my game had reached a point where I needed to really see what that looked like. And I thought that was just a no-brainer. I would do that s*** a million times. And, again, I didn’t second-guess at all."

"I don’t have any regrets at all. I feel like we did exactly what we were supposed to do. And I wish we would have three-peated, because that’s rare, and we were like right there. But I don’t have any regrets at all, because I feel like if we can stay healthy with the Nets, we had a great chance to finish it, too.

"I look at that time with the Warriors is so special to me. But it was time to move on."

Durant's decision to join and part ways with the Golden State certainly changed the landscape of the NBA.

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