Sometimes the best trade is the trade you don’t make

The grass is always greener isn’t it? Do we love Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, or Ben Simmons suiting up in the blue and gold or do we just love the idea of an instant superstar?

While they are all great players in their own right, none of them can fill the Durantchula’s size 18 shoes; KD’s eFG was an unreal 59% as a Warrior and became a revelation defensively. The argument is that there’s only one KD and they don’t need to be as good as he is…but at the price their current teams are asking for them, it’s difficult to avoid the comparison to KD.

  • Damian Lillard is a killer, but pairing him with Steph is going to create one of the smallest backcourts in the league, opening up defensive vulnerabilities that Klay and Draymond may not be able to cover, especially with Klay coming off his injuries.
  • Bradley Beal is a great player, but the Wizards have been atrocious at worst and mediocre at best during his tenure there. His eFG has been ~52% and true shooting ~58%; certainly above average but not elite. Sure, he put up 32ppg this year, but he wouldn’t be taking 23 shots a game as a Warrior (KD took about 17-18). Furthermore, his defense is...not great. This potential deal makes me think of Kevin Love (more on that below).
  • Ben Simmons is allergic to jump shots, and enough has been said about his potential pairing with Draymond to create the Bizarro Splash Brothers, aka The Brick Brothers.
Trading Wiseman, Kuminga, and/or Moody (and likely one or more future first rounders) for any of the above three would be similar to making the Klay for Kevin Love trade back in the day. Kevin Love was a stud for Timberwolves, a walking 20/10. Even put up 26 PPG one year. But he was also the best player on his team – thereby masking his ~50% eFG. While productive alongside Lebron and Kyrie, the Cavaliers weren’t able to steamroll the rest of the league, and needed a literal low blow to beat the Warriors in the finals.

Yes, I know it’s way too early to suggest that Wiseman, Kuminga, and/or Moody will turn out to be as impactful as Klay, but it’s also way too early to just trade them away without having an opportunity to fully evaluate them. Wiseman looked so lost out there last year, but he never really had a chance. He had no summer league, no training camp, and then got hurt. The potential that Kuminga and Moody flashed in summer league made turning down the Sixers’ Moon and The Stars ask for Simmons a no-brainer. Summer league made me look forward to garbage time this year.

And do we really need to add a player like Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal when we have Jordan Poole? Sidenote: The Warriors need to put Wiseman, Kuminga, and Moody on whatever training regimen Jordan Poole did in Santa Cruz last year, because he came back as a human torch. He’s continued to get better this offseason too, the man got jacked.

No, I’m not saying that Jordan Poole is on the same level as Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal, because he’s not (yet). I’m simply saying that with Steph, Klay, and Draymond, you don’t necessarily need an instant superstar. With the injury bug hitting every contender the past few years (AD, Harden, Kyrie, Jamal Murray, list goes on), as a GM, it would be more advantageous to assemble multiple, capable young players with diverse skillsets able to step in for one of your superstars or complement the ones still on the floor.

I say we keep all of our young guys (for now) because cats like KD don’t come around twice. Can you imagine if Joe Lacob actually pulled the trigger and traded Klay for Kevin Love? We would’ve been deprived of gems like this:

In Iguodala's book, The Sixth Man, he detailed a moment during a team-building exercise where players were asked to talk about a moment in the game they felt their highest.

"When Klay's turn came, we all assumed he was going to say that his highest moment was the day he scored 37 points in a quarter against Sacramento," Iguodala writes. "I mean, that was an NBA record! But he didn't. Instead he said, 'My best moment was one night I caught a pass and I was like 50 feet from the basket and I was about to shoot it. And all of a sudden, I hear Andre being like, 'What the f---, Klay? You're 50 feet out.' And I thought about it for a second and shot it anyway. It went in, and I was like, 'Yeah, Andre, f--- you.' We all had a good laugh about that. I was like, 'Wow, really dog? That was your best moment?'"

Yeah, with Steph, Klay, and Draymond supported by Two-Way Wiggs, Poole, Wiseman, Kuminga, and Moody, the Warriors could really f--- the entire league. Again.

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