What Version of Klay Thompson will the Warriors Get?

With Klay Thompson coming back from a torn ACL and a ruptured Achilles tendon, Warriors fans are hoping to see him in action near their Christmas game against the Phoenix Suns in this upcoming season. The real question that we have to ask ourselves is if Klay will be back to his old self and moving around at 100%?

Klay Thompson averaged 13-18 points per game in the beginning of his career, and then as he played more minutes, he averaged around 21-23 points per game. Once Kevin Durant stepped in and put many shots up, Klay dropped slightly to 20 points per game until his dramatic injury.

Klay played 34 minutes per game for the last 3 or 4 years because he moves and cuts so often for the ball, alongside Steph Curry.

When he comes back, will Warriors fans be satisfied with Klay playing 25 minutes per game and shooting his normal 40% from three-point land?

I question how mobile can Klay Thompson be at age 31 and coming off of a dramatic injury? Will he be able to play key defense and have the endurance to move like he used to, or even to not get injured again?

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