Could Ben Simmons fit in the Small Forward spot on the Warriors?

Could the Warriors shock the world and trade for Ben Simmons for Kelly Oubre and Andrew Wiggins?

Stephen Curry needs to continue as the ball-dominant point guard and Klay Thompson will hopefully be manning the two guard. So that would leave Simmons at….

Small Forward?

Would Simmons even be happy with this? (OK, forget for a minute about Ben’s ego and unhappiness if he is not "The Man.)This is a big question considering Curry runs the court most of the game, Simmons may not receive the ball as much as he would like to.

Second off, if the Warriors do obtain Ben Simmons, Wiggins is no longer needed. Wiggins was mainly an inside scorer and that is what Simmons is best at.

With Curry and hopefully Klay, that leaves behind the arc covered mostly. If we had Simmons, we would also have a strong inside driver that can dump it off to Wiseman if needed.

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