The man, the myth, the legend...Klay Thompson stories

While we anxiously await the Christmas present return of one of our beloved Splash Brothers (shall we dub it "The Splashback"?) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , let us enjoy some of our favorite Klay Thompson moments. No, not the 37 point quarter, not Game 6, nor showing us why he’s the consummate unselfish teammate, but the delightful off-court moments.

Our host, SBNation, did an article in 2018 about Klay being Klay, many of them classic hilariousness. Klay’s take on feeding off defense…just priceless lol.

Just this August, The Athletic reloaded more Klay Thompson stories as told by his teammates. I’ve highlighted a couple gems below:

Festus Ezeli recalls:

"One game, I think we were up three with about 15 seconds left, and somebody threw the ball to Klay. At this point, you just hold the ball, right? As soon as it touches his hands, Klay shoots it.

I can’t remember if he made it or not, but I remember his conversation with Draymond afterwards. Draymond was like, "Yo, what were you doing?! Why would you shoot that?" And Klay said, "Dog, they pay me to shoot the ball," Ezeli told.

Jarrett Jack recalls:

We’re in Atlanta and we wanted to hang out at a nightclub. We’re all there, texting Klay, and he’s like, "Where are you guys at?" I’m like, "Yo, we’re over here." He’s like, "Cool, I’m about to meet you guys." So Klay comes, but when he walks in, he walks in by himself. I’m like, "Yo, man, how did you get here?"

He’s like, "Yeah, man, I was hanging out at this bar, some people asked me where I was going, they said they were going to the same place, so, shit, I just hopped in the cab and split a cab with them." I’m like, "What people?" He’s like, "That couple over there." And it was like two married, middle-aged White people.

More nuggets:

Never change.

There has to be additional entertaining stories out there, who wants to share the next one?

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