Draymond and Wiggins to Philly.

Let's start with this thought: the Warriors desperately need to get rid of Wiggins (who is a liability in some many ways). Philly needs to find a way to trade Ben Simmons. Simons could fit very well with Steph and Klay, probably the greatest backcourt of all time. Steph and Klay provide exceptional floor spacing which can hid Simmons weaknesses and allow him to hopefully develop in a safe and exceptionally talented environment. The problem is, Simmons and Draymond, who have really similar strengths and weaknesses, cannot really play on the same team.

As great as Draymond is and has been (I think he is destined for the hall of fame) Simmons could be an upgrade at this point in their careers. But what really drives this trade is the Warriors need to get rid of Wiggins and the 76ers need to move on from Simmons. Wiggins, who is very overpaid, will be difficult to move. Would Philly be willing to accept this? Draymond could help them compete with the Nets and possibly win a championship. Wiggins is becoming a huge liability for the Warriors; this could help both teams.

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