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Bob Myers and Steve Kerr optimistic the Warriors will start season with full roster

Despite Andrew Wiggins’ vaccination status.

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

The infamous saga of Andrew Wiggins’ vaccination status won’t be resolved until he finally agrees to get vaccinated — a conundrum that has seemingly produced a boatload of uncertainty for his availability for at least half of the upcoming season’s 82 games.

Starting October 13, Wiggins won’t be able to participate in any team activities that are located in San Francisco — whether they be games, team practices, etc. Until then, he is allowed to participate in Media Day, go to training camp, and play in preseason games. But once October 13 comes around, the gates will shut down on him.

During their media day press conferences, Warriors GM Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr expressed optimism about going into the season with a full roster, despite declining to fully address Wiggins’ vaccination status.

“I’m optimistic that, come the first game here at Chase, we’ll have our full complement of players,” Myers said. “I’m not really preparing for anything different right now.”

“I haven’t spent any time thinking about that, nor will I,” Kerr answered when asked about the possibility of roster deficiencies due to vaccination status. “We’re hopeful that all is resolved within the next couple of weeks. But we’re going into camp tomorrow with a plan to have everybody on the floor and ready to roll.”

Myers and Kerr seem to be confident that there won’t be a hitch come the start of the season, so they may know something that we all do not. That said, while there is still no definitive news of Wiggins relenting and agreeing to be vaccinated, the cloud of uncertainty will continue to hover around the team.

Wiggins has the opportunity to clear the air when his turn comes around during Media Day. Stay tuned for updates.

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