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Andrew Wiggins, as expected, decides to keep vaccination status private

Wiggins’ availability post-October 13 remains up in the air.

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In what was a relatively contentious media day presser for Andrew Wiggins, he refused to directly answer any questions pertaining to his vaccination status, stating that he prefers to “keep it private for now.”

Wiggins will still be able to participate in team practices and preseason games up till October 13, when the gates will officially shut on his availability to the team due to his reported unvaccinated status.

It’s a legitimate concern, especially since Wiggins stands to miss half of the team’s 82 games due to not being allowed to play in Chase Center, should he remain unvaccinated. But Wiggins seems to be taking such a prospect in an aloof manner.

“I’m taking it day by day,” Wiggins said. “I’m dealing with today. Tomorrow will handle itself.”

When asked if his vaccination status becoming a bigger story was an uncomfortable situation, Wiggins was firm in stating that it didn’t.

“I’m comfortable in my beliefs and what I think is right, what I think is wrong,” he said. “Just gonna keep doing what I believe, whether it’s one thing or another.”

Whatever the case, the fact remains that Wiggins will have to make up his mind in terms of getting the shot or not. A lot hangs in the balance, and there are several stakeholders: himself, his teammates, his coaches, and the organization as a whole, among many others.

It’s decision that has made Wiggins feel like his “back is against the wall.”

“Whether it’s one thing or another, get the vaccine or not get the vaccine, I’m just gonna keep fighting for what I believe is right,” Wiggins said. “What’s right to one person isn’t for another, and vice versa.”

Wiggins wasn’t intent on explaining his beliefs surrounding vaccination.

“It’s none of your business,” he said.

Instead of clearing the air, Wiggins may have piled on an even bigger cloud upon what has already been a considerable amount of uncertainty by refusing to elaborate.

“I’ll say something when I’m ready,” he said. “The only thing the media has done is kind of make it bigger than what it has to be. I’ll say my side of everything when I’m ready. I don’t work on your time, I work on my time.”

A clip of Wiggins answering vaccine related questions via Anthony Slater of The Athletic:

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