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Postgame News and Quotes: Warriors vs. Nets

See what the Warriors had to say after their win against the Nets on Saturday night.

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks

The Golden State Warriors beat the Brooklyn Nets in a primetime Saturday night matchup with a score of 110-106. First time All-Star Andrew Wiggins along with the Warriors’ bench unit carried the team until the fourth quarter where the Splash Brothers sealed the game away. Here’s some of the highlights from the Warriors postgame pressers:

Wiggins’ hot shooting continues

Andrew Wiggins played an excellent game tonight leading the Warriors with 24 points while going 4-of-8 from the three-point line. Not only that, but his defense on Kyrie Irving early in the game set the tone for the team on that side of the floor. Here’s what Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson had to say about Wiggins tonight:

Wiggins also had something to say about the people who think he doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star starter:

Finally, he took some time to shoutout K-Pop star BamBam for giving him an extra boost in the fan voting:

Splash Brothers struggle early but finish strong

Unlike the last game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson struggled to find their shot for a majority of the game. They went 2-of-14 from the three-point line in the first three quarters, but then they caught fire in the fourth combining for 23 points on 3-of-4 shooting from three. The shot of the night came on a Curry-Thompson pick and pop that left two Brooklyn defenders on Curry giving Thompson the open three to put them up by four points with 12 seconds left. Here’s what Klay had to say about that shot:

Despite a good 4th quarter, Curry’s slump continues but Steve Kerr remains confident in his superstar point guard:

Quote of the Night

The quote of the night belongs to Klay Thompson who succinctly sums up tonight’s game:

Simple and sweet. Golden State’s star power makes this team special, but it’s their ability to win in a multitude of ways, especially when their stars are having an off night, that makes them true title contenders.

*Bonus Quote:

Kyrie Irving went on a long soliloquy about his respect and adoration for Curry. Irving discusses his relationship with him and how it’s grown over time through hard fought, competitive games into a mutual respect as they inspire the next generation of basketball players. It’s wholesome and worth the time to read:


The Warriors finish this 7-game homestand on a high note by winning tonight and extending their streak to five games. Overall, the team went 6-1 during this homestand and will now travel to play the Houston Rockets as they begin a two-game road trip.

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