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Jake Paul offers Draymond Green $10 million to step in a boxing ring

The influencer-turned-promoter wants Draymond Green to fight for his promotion

Jake Paul wearing a tank top and a hat at a press conference Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We know two things to be truthful. First, the Golden State Warriors situation with Draymond Green and Jordan Poole was always going to get uglier before it got prettier. And second, when there’s a big story on the internet, it doesn’t take long for Jake Paul to get involved.

Shortly after leaked footage showed evidence of Green punching Poole at the Warriors practice on Wednesday, Paul got in on the action. The influencer turned boxer turned boxing promotor took to Twitter to offer Green $10 million to box for his promotion, Most Valuable Promotions.

While there’s no chance that the offer amounts to anything, it wouldn’t be the first time that Paul got involved with a Warrior boxing. The YouTube celebrity, who now has five professional boxing matches under his belt (all wins, but all against non-boxers), made his professional debut in 2020 against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib. But his second fight? A bout against former Warrior Nate Robinson, which ended in a second-round knockout win for Paul.

It doesn’t sound like Paul — whose next fight is scheduled for later this month against retired UFC legend Anderson Silva — wants to fight Green, just get him to box under the banner of his promotion, which was founded in 2021.

This is all incredibly silly, of course, but it’s the age of the internet that we’re in. And hopefully it can provide a little levity in light of a very ugly situation. But don’t worry: we won’t be seeing Green in a boxing ring any time soon. And hopefully we won’t be seeing him throwing any more punches any time soon, either.

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