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Warriors taking ‘every legal course of action’ to find video leaker

Let’s hope they don’t have to resort to illegal courses of action. Like Draymond Green threatening to punch each video coordinator until they talk.

2022 NBA Summer League - Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs
Joe Lacob looks to see if any leakers are hiding in the ceiling of the Warriors practice facility.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors have a plumbing problem, and it’s not about the bathrooms at the Chase Center. No, the Warriors have a leak in their organization, which is how footage of Draymond Green slugging Jordan Poole hit TMZ today. But the Warriors know that the only thing more relentless than Steph Curry in the playoffs is a highly-paid lawyer.

According to ESPN’s Ramone Shelburne and Adrian “Woj” Wojnarowski, the Warriors are “aggressively investigating” both the incident and the leak, which had to come from someone in the building, since the punch occurred at a closed practice.

Social media has been full of speculation as to how the leak occurred. It was Joe Lacob, releasing the tape to justify not offering Green a max contract this summer! It was Jordan Poole’s camp, showing that Poole wasn’t wearing a monocle and top hat or throwing around hundred-dollar bills to celebrate his new contract before the fight went down! Or it was Rich Paul, trying to steer Green to LeBron James’ Lakers and line up a $10 million prize fight for his client, Draymond.

The most likely explanation is a simple one. Video coordinators in the NBA aren’t paid very much money. A giant payout from TMZ might be life-changing money, and justify the risk of losing their job or getting yelled at by Kirk Lacob.

Until the Warriors exhaust their legal courses of action, we won’t know who leaked the fateful video. Let’s just hope they don’t have to resort to extralegal courses of action, like renditioning the video staff to Santa Cruz.

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