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Draymond Green apologizes to Jordan Poole’s whole family for embarrassing him

Green will be stepping away from the team ‘for a few days’ to focus on himself.

2022-23 Golden State Warriors Media Day
Draymond Green is stepping away from the Warriors to work on himself and his posing.
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Draymond Green made his first official statements to the media after punching Jordan Poole during practice on Wednesday. Green apologized to Poole and announced he’ll be stepping away from the Golden State Warriors indefinitely.

Green was very apologetic, not blaming Poole at all, and joining teammates and executives in denying that the altercation had anything to do with Poole’s impending contract extension. However, one could also interpret this as, “Sorry I embarrassed your whole family.”

Green hasn’t interacted with Poole since the incident, and it doesn’t sound like Poole has been particularly receptive to his apologies yet.

Its not clear how long Draymond will be stepping away from the team to focus on himself, or if he’ll be playing in the season opener on October 18th. But like most of the team, coaches, and executives, Green isn’t blaming Poole at all - only himself.

Of course, the Warriors are still unhappy with the video leaking at all, though they didn’t provide an update to their manhunt to find the culprit. Coach Steve Kerr compared it to a “family dispute.”

Draymond also took issue with the editing of the video. Look, he’s a media expert, which is also why he didn’t wait until his podcast to address the fight video. That would have been, as the kids say, “a bad look.”

So in conclusion: Draymond Gren, stepping away. Podcast, on hiatus. Jordan Poole, not thrilled. Steve Kerr, witness to at least 20 practice fistfights. Warriors season opener, ten days away. Strap in, fans!

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