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Nets fire Steve Nash

The former Warriors consultant is out of a job.

Steve Nash angry with his hands out Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

In a move that feels entirely predictable, the Brooklyn Nets have fired Steve Nash. Just days after Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving promoted an antisemitic film on his Twitter account — and then got into a highly uncomfortable and defensive argument with a reporter over it — the Nets did the logical thing and took action by ... firing their head coach?

It’s a move that’s simultaneously shocking and not even remotely surprising. Drama has been surrounding the Nets since Nash took over, and while Nash has not been a part of that drama whatsoever, coaches tend to become the scapegoats when these things can’t get shut down. Irving has been making headlines for everything from anti-vax statements to Alex Jones conspiracy theories to antisemitism, the Ben Simmons experiment has so far been a total failure, the James Harden situation fell on its face, and Kevin Durant spent the offseason saying he wanted a trade unless Nash was fired.

So yeah. Can’t really say that this one came out of left field.

It’s still a tough blow for Nash, the former Golden State Warriors consultant (and former two-time NBA MVP), who was very low on the list of things that weren’t working for the dysfunctional Nets.

And speaking of that dysfunction, Brooklyn is apparently considering replacing Nash with Ime Udoka, the Boston Celtics coach who is currently suspended for the year by the team due to sexual harassment allegations and improper workplace relations.

Update: Udoka is apparently being hired.


Irving, meanwhile, has gone unpunished for dangerous social media posts. Not a great day to be an NBA fan.

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