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Giants recruit Steph Curry to recruit Aaron Judge

One MVP is recruiting another.

Steph Curry at a San Francisco Giants game, wearing Giants gear, holding his hat Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images

It’s a pretty good time to be a Bay Area sports fan. Steph Curry is putting together another MVP campaign as the defending-champion Golden State Warriors are starting to find their footing. The San Francisco 49ers are clicking on both sides of the field and look like NFC favorites. And the San Francisco Giants are deep in their recruitment of Aaron Judge, who is fresh off one of the greatest offensive seasons in MLB history.

And now we’re getting some crossover between some of those teams.

On Tuesday, the Giants completed a two-day recruiting pitch for Judge, the reigning AL MVP. Judge is a free agent for the first time in his career, and was born and raised in Linden, not far from the Bay Area. And part of the pitch apparently included Curry.

Here’s what NBC Sports Bay Area’s Alex Pavlovic reported: “As part of their pitch, the Giants put Judge in touch with Steph Curry’s camp, hopeful that the two superstars could connect as Judge weighs his decision.”

With the Warriors busy schedule — they played in New Orleans on Monday — the two stars were unable to meet up in person, but Curry still did his part while Judge was in town, shooting the fellow MVP some recruiting messages.

Here’s this from NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole:

“I can neither confirm nor deny,” Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area late Wednesday night at Chase Center.

Curry then broke into full-throated laughter.

Curry divulged that there was an attempt to arrange a meeting on Tuesday with Judge during his two-day stay in San Francisco. When that didn’t happen – the Warriors’ flight from New Orleans arrived a bit too late – they settled for exchanging text messages.

“I met him before this,” Curry said of Judge. “We’ve talked before. So . . . let’s put it this way: I am doing my part as a loyal Red Sox fan.”

Never have Giants fans liked the Boston Red Sox so much.

Recruitment from a star in a different sport is unlikely to move the needle too much for Judge, who is likely to receive a contract that blows past $300 million. But hearing about what it’s like to be a superstar in the Bay Area could be useful in luring Judge, who heard boos during the playoffs from the infamously harsh New York crowd.

If Judge did sign with the Giants, he and Curry would make for one of the largest single city cross-sport superstar duos in the country.

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