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Steph Curry is ‘really coming along’

Steve Kerr told Damon Bruce and Ray Ratto that Steph Curry was ‘doing a lot of stuff on the court’. A ringing endorsement of the franchise player’s recovery!

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors
Steph Curry is rehabbing his sore shoulder with a variety of sideline celebrations.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

It’s been 15 days since Steph Curry suffered a shoulder subluxation against the Indiana Pacers, and 14 days since Golden State Warriors fans learned what the word “subluxation” meant. But Coach Steve Kerr went on the radio and gave an encouraging update.

Talking to Damon Bruce and Ray Ratto, Kerr was positive about Curry’s recovery. He’s doing a lot of stuff! You always want your guys to be doing stuff. He’s also progressing and getting good work in! The only thing missing is the classic Warriors injury update of “ramping up,” a phrase that normally means that Andre Iguodala is just five weeks away from taking the court again.

Officially, Curry is still nine days from his reevaluation, scheduled to happen January 7.

Besides his rehabilitation, Curry has kept busy during the Warriors’ homestand. He’s been assisting the TV crew with their cinematography.

He’s been coaching Jordan Poole on the sidelines.

And he’s been limbering up his injured shoulder by emphatically celebrating his Splash Brother’s on-court successes.

Just look at that range of motion!

Kerr also complimented Jonathan Kuminga on becoming “an excellent defender,” discussed the difficulty of adding either Ty Jerome or Anthony Lamb to the roster with only one open spot, and discouraged the idea of Klay Thompson playing in back-to-backs this year.

Things are looking up! Kuminga can defend, Steph is doing stuff, and the team is winning at home - if only at home - and there’s five home games in a row coming up. Steph Curry’s future is up for evaluation in about a week, and honestly, aren’t all of ours?

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