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Steph Curry drops 50, wins MVP in dramatic All-Star Game

The chef went ballistic, blowing past the All-Star Game three-point record.

NBA: All Star Game-Team Durant at Team LeBron David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With Steph Curry playing for Team LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins playing for Team Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors were guaranteed to have a winner in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

We just didn’t know it would be such a sensational winner.

Curry, who has somehow usually struggled in All-Star Games (too open, perhaps?), went ballistic. He went absolutely ballistic.

It started with a few threes in the first quarter, and then a second-quarter explosion that led to having 24 points at the half — all on threes, putting him just one triple shy of the All-Star Game record.

He came out of the gates firing in the third, making triple after triple after triple, each one seemingly harder and more absurd than the one before.

More was in store in the fourth, as Curry hit the 50-point mark, and did so with 16 threes on 27 attempts. It was even more impressive than the numbers suggest, as about half of those misses came in the final minutes when he was chasing Anthony Davis’ record of 52 points.

With the 50-piece in the bag, Curry seemed a shoe-in for All-Star Game MVP, but it certainly helps to be on the winning team. And he got a little help in that department from his team captain, friendly rival, and fellow born-in-Akron superstar, as LeBron James hit a fadeaway game-winner in front of the fans he played 11 seasons for.

Steph became the first All-Star Game MVP since the award was renamed to honor the late Kobe Bryant, and it was clearly an emotional moment for him.

But while Steph’s explosion was the star of the night for everyone, there were other great highlights for Warriors fans.

Wiggins only played 15 minutes, but knocked in 10 points on 4-for-7 shooting in his All-Star debut. It was fun seeing him out there, and he ended up guarding Curry on a few occasions. And he led Team Durant in plus/minus!

Curry was part of a wonderfully-done halftime celebration by the league, honoring the 75 greatest players in NBA history, which was announced at the beginning of the season. A large number of the legends showed up for the ceremony, including Michael Jordan.

Draymond Green, selected to the All-Star Game for the fourth time but unable to play, still was a star. He was part of the alternative Inside the NBA broadcast on TBS, operating as sideline reporter. He had some good insight, but mostly was cracking jokes — he notably took a few more shots at his favorite punching bag, Rudy Gobert, and, upon hearing Curry praise the city of Cleveland, said, “Steph ... it’s far from great.”

In all, Team LeBron went home with a 163-160 victory in one of the most memorable All-Star Games in recent years. The Elam ending has proven highly successful in making the games competitive and engaging.

Well done, all.

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