Warriors rumored to be trying to re-sign Poole

for around 4 years $80 million.

I don't get to watch much Ws games anymore with 2 young kids. What are your thoughts on this and what do you think his potential is? From what I've seen he developed nicely last season and it continued this year as his eFG has remained roughly the same as his shots have increased. Poole is able to consistently create his own shot from what I've seen.

Do you think he's good enough to be a #1 option on a contender (with Kuminga, Wiseman, Moody, and maybe Wiggins as the core) when Curry retires or his play declines? Or is Wiggins better suited to take over the torch? I can't believe he (Wiggins) is still only 26. Has Wiggins developed and turned the corner from his Timberwolves days or is his better play due to the Curry effect (Curry drawing so much attention it makes other players look better than they are)?

Wiggins is a free agent after next season so it will be interesting to see how things go if we re-sign Poole. Things would be less complicated if Klay's contract expired after next season too but he has an extra year. No disrespect to Klay but with his injuries his time as a max contract player is likely over and he will be 34 when his contract ends.

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