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If healthy, are the Warriors title favorites?

NBA fans seem to think so.

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In last week’s SB Nation Reacts post, we found out that NBA fans were still optimistic about the Golden State Warriors chances, giving them the second-best odds of winning a title, behind only the Phoenix Suns. But even at that, just 18% of fans picked the Dubs to win it all.

It turns out that was probably due to Draymond Green’s injury. Because the latest SB Nation Reacts poll asked NBA fans to choose the title favorite with an important caveat: if everyone is healthy. And with that stipulation, more than half of the polled NBA fans thought the Dubs were the favorites.

That shouldn’t be too surprising. The Warriors have the second-best record in the league (behind the Suns) and third-best garbage time adjusted net rating (behind the Suns and Utah Jazz), and that’s despite Klay Thompson missing 43 games, and Green missing 26. If the Warriors can be this good without their star trio playing a single game together, then how good can they be if healthy?

Hopefully we’ll get to find out...

In other NBA polling news, NBA fans give Steph Curry the second-best chance of emerging as the MVP favorite. Curry has work to do currently, as he is surely behind Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić on MVP ballots, and likely behind Giannis Antetokounmpo and DeMar DeRozan as well.

Steph’s got 22 games left to make a dash for a third MVP trophy. I’m here for it.

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