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Reacts: Which team needs to make a big splash at the trade deadline?

Are the Warriors one of the teams in need of a big move?

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The Los Angeles Lakers play the Golden State Warriors during the season opener

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The Golden State Warriors hold the second-best record in the league with the NBA Trade Deadline less than a week away. Although many Warriors’ fans were calling for a big splash trade during the offseason, the team’s success in the regular season has quickly shut down any urge to fire up the trade machines for the time being.

The same cannot be said of other teams across the league. There are several teams that have underperformed based on preseason projections and are now looking to upgrade or pull the trigger on a trade to push them over the hump. According to this week’s SBN Reacts survey, fans believe that the Los Angeles Lakers are the team in most dire need of a move at the deadline.

The Lakers are 25-28 in the season and hold the 9th seed in the West. Their big offseason splash of Russell Westbrook has wet the bed, meanwhile, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have missed big chunks of the season due to various injuries. On paper, the Lakers could represent a threat to the Warriors in the postseason due to the versatility, size, and skill of James and Davis. However, as currently constructed, the team has major flaws that would need to be addressed at the deadline if they wanted to give any serious competition to Golden State.

The second team listed on the poll is the Philadelphia 76ers. Trade talks around them revolve around former All-Star point guard Ben Simmons who most fans believe should be traded at the deadline for the best available offer.

One of the most rumored trades for the Warriors this offseason was a deal centered around Ben Simmons for Andrew Wiggins. At the time, a deal for Simmons sounded fantastic as it would have given Golden State an elite defense led by him and Draymond Green. Forward to the present, Simmons has yet to play a game while Wiggins has been phenomenal this season. Wiggins has played in 47 games averaging 18.3 points per game on 48.7% shooting from the field. He has made 107 threes, attempting 5.5 per game and converting at a career high rate of 41.6%. He’s tasked with guarding the opposing team’s best player which has been huge for the Warriors’ number-one ranked defense and has paved the way for him to become an All-Star starter.

Besides the disgruntled 76ers star, there are several other players who fans believe should be traded.

Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant leads the poll followed by the Indiana Pacers’ frontcourt duo of Damantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. Of those names, the most intriguing to the Warriors would be one of the bigs from the Pacers. Golden State lacks depth in their frontcourt especially with the uncertainty surrounding the injuries to Draymond Green and James Wiseman. Despite that, a trade is still unlikely due to the cost it would take to get one of them along with the emergence of current Warriors center and rebounding machine, Kevon Looney.

But enough of what the fans think, let’s hear what Klay Thompson thinks the Warriors should do at the deadline:

The Warriors may not be big-time buyers at the deadline, but what do you think? Should the team go all-in by making a big splash trade or should they stay put with what they have? Let us know down below.

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