Why the Warriors won lots last year and lost lots this year.

When it comes to why teams win or lose, NBA Basketball is complex sport. Sometimes, one or two players make a difference. In the Warriors’ case, those two players are Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson. Klay is a fan favorite and was one of the best two-way players in the NBA. But age, injury, and two years away from the game have made Klay a defensive liability. This may be a secret to many Warrior fans, but it is no secret to opposing teams, whose guards have consistently blown past Klay on their way to the rim. With defense, one weak link will break the chain, and when Klay can’t keep his man in front of him, a good passing team will have an open look every time. It is hoped that Kay’s issues are rust from a two year absence, and it may take close to a year’s worth of games for Klay to get back to taking the correct angles fast enough to guard his man. The worst case is that his injuries have made him too slow to be effective. In either case, Klay should be moved to the second team, where great scorers with poor defense can flourish.

‘I didn’t say that age has caught up with Klay because Andre Iguodala shows that age is not always a detriment. It is no coincidence that the Warriors’ team defense and team offense are better when Andre plays. I can give examples, such as the recent Phoenix game, where Iguodala double teamed Ayton, stole the ball, and changed the game’s momentum. But as Draymond Green would say, I just don’t know enough about basketball to tell you why this is so. But I know what I see. Golden State’s offense flows and its defense clamps down when Iguodala plays,

So if Curry heals before it is too late, and Klay is moved to the bench and Iguodala stays healthy enough to play 20-25 minutes a game, the Warriors have a shot at the championship.

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