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Klay Thompson hilariously explains Rocco’s 4/20 birthday

Rocco wasn’t actually born on 4/20, was he?

SFChronicleSports Scott Strazzante/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

It’s no secret that Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson loves two things, and two things only: playing basketball, and his bulldog Rocco.

Rocco has been with Klay for almost his entire NBA journey, and the five-time All-Star has never hid his admiration for his lovable four-legged friend.

Last week Klay hinted at Rocco’s upcoming 10th birthday. And at Wednesday’s practice, on the pooch’s purported day of celebration, a reporter asked Thompson about the date. It led to a pretty hilarious exchange, with neither side able to contain their giggles.

Thompson admitted to not knowing Rocco’s actual birthday, only that it was sometime in mid-April, before adding, with a smile on his face, “To make things easier I say the 20th ... easy date to remember.”

On a completely and utterly unrelated note, it’s been just over 11 years since Klay, then a junior at Washington State, was suspended for a game after being cited for marijuana possession.