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LeBron James wants to play with Steph Curry

In a new clip from the next episode of “The Shop,” the Lakers’ star listed Steph first among modern players he’d like to play with.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James embraces his favorite player, Steph Curry.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

In a clip from the upcoming episode of “The Shop,” which is the only place you can see LeBron James on television for the next two months, King James was asked which modern players he’d most like to team up with. His answer? Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

When asked, “Who else do you want to play with?”, the star of Space Jam: A New Legacy paused only briefly before saying, “In today’s game? Steph Curry. Steph Curry’s the one I want to play with for sure in today’s game.” He also added “I love everything about that guy. When he get out of his car, you better guard him the moment he pulls up to the arena...You might want to guard him when he get out of the bed!”

Obviously this is a genuine statement of LeBron’s desire to leave the Los Angeles Lakers and join the Warriors this off-season, and not a conveniently-timed clip to distract the sports world from the Lakers getting eliminated from playoff contention last night. We all know how much James is always ready to give credit to the Warriors and their star point guard, and clearly, after four years in Hollywood, he’s ready to get serious.

Based on the ESPN Trade Machine, a deal where Lakers send LeBron to the Warriors for Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, and picks absolutely works under the salary cap. And it just makes sense. First, Draymond won’t have to ditch the Warriors to watch LeBron break Kareem’s scoring record, because he’ll be right there! Or rehabbing his back, but same difference. Next, it seems clear that LeBron is reluctant to leave his new home in Los Angeles, but he wouldn’t have to move! Southwest Airlines offers round-trip tickets from LAX to SFO for as low as $119. If LeBron is willing to go from Burbank to Oakland, he can save himself $35 on a Wanna Get Away fare. And the Chase Center has wine cellars, and LeBron loves wine.

Now, there are some issues they’d need to work out. LeBron would have to keep No. 6., as Draymond Green already has No. 23 here. The Warriors would need to add a Blaze Pizza franchise to Thrive City outside the Chase Center. Both Steph and LeBron would have to make sure that Klay Thompson still got 25 shots a game. And King James would also have to accept that even with the greatest outside shooter of all time playing with one of three greatest players ever, Coach Steve Kerr still isn’t going to call for any pick-and-rolls. It’s called the beautiful game, Bron.

The Lakers could get off of LeBron’s bloated salary and rebuild around Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, who’d finally be able to be the ball-dominant player he always wanted to be. They won’t have to worry about Andrew Wiggins demanding shots, trust us. And James Wiseman would make a great complement to the Brow, whether they’re sharing the frontcourt together or simply rehabbing their injuries for months at a time. Hell, the Warriors would probably even throw in Juan Toscano-Anderson, who would have played 35+ minutes per game for this year’s Lakers team.

Now it’s true that LeBron’s motivation might simply be a ring count: There’s no way for Steph Curry to finish with more titles than him if they’re on the same team! This could simply be a distraction from the most disappointing Lakers season in their history, if not the most disappointing season from any team in NBA history. And it could be a plan by Rich Paul, the lead svengali of Klutch Sports, to get close to Jordan Poole and poach him before he signs a huge extension this summer.

But I choose to take it at face value. LeBron James is coming to the Warriors to play with Steph Curry. And when has LeBron forming a super team ever failed to work out?