Eating Words

In a prior post, I stated that Klay Thompson had lost a step on defense and was a liability on that end of the floor. I wondered, with time and playing, if he would return to the lockdown defender he once was. Well, "Game 6 Klay" proved he could be that lockdown defender once again. Most articles lauded Kay’s offensive production, and the number of 3’s he made. But in reviewing the game yesterday, it was Klay’s defense that made the difference. From physicality in guarding Desmond Bane like some resurrected Metta World Peace (in his Ron Artest days), to blocking shots when helping from the weak side, Klay’s late 4th quarter defense was stellar, making the Dubs’ D as tight as a drum. All game long, when the Warriors made a run, Memphis answered. Until the Dubs’ fourth quarter D shut the Grizzlies down, with Klay’s defense leading the way.

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