In Case You Forgot About It...

Thought I'd share this with the GSOM community. It really is kind of a wild experience to read Bill Simmons' exhaustive exposition of past Warriors seemingly interminable ineptitude to truly appreciate what we have now. For every one of those items in his catalog there is a visceral cringe element, surely, but then you'll find it is followed by the sublime "Not any more!" For each and every one. And of course with every one of the latter travesties is the reminder that those did eventually lead to relatively higher draft positions for us to enjoy finally getting those beautiful Warrior assets led by none other than the Splash Brothers themselves.

Sometimes you've got to see where you've been to truly appreciate where you are now.

Anyway, courtesy of Bill Simmons at Grantland, here is the link, "How to Annoy a Fan Base in 60 Easy Steps." And remember, he wrote this two years after Joe Lacob et al had inaugurated a still-budding new leadership culture and three years before our first title of the current run.


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