Will Next Year Be the Year of Kuminga?

As one of the most talented players in the League, Jonathan Kuminga just had a great first year for the Warriors. One of the most fascinating things about being an NBA fan is to watch new players every year.

And Jonathan Kuminga seems to be one of these cases where there might be a potential break out in the near future. Warriors wasn’t just one of the teams fighting for the title during the 2021-22 season. They were champions. And Kuminga really did play a role in this success.

It is rare for drafted players to help a team win a championship during their rookie year in the NBA. But Jonathan Kuminga isn’t just another drafted player. In this blog post we will explain why Kuminga’s stats during the last season prove that next year could be the year of Kuminga.


How was Kuminga’s first year in the NBA?

In his first season with the Golden State Warriors, Jonathan Kuminga proves to be an exciting project for the San Francisco team. His stats prove that Kuminga has all the potential to become an NBA star.

To be precise, in less than 17 minutes per game (16.9 to be exact), Kuminga managed to score an average of 9.3 points with 3.3 rebounds, 0.9 assists, 0.4 steals and 0.3 blocks. His field goal percentage was more than 50% (51.3%) and his 3-point percentage was 33.6%.

That’s why Kuminga was a pretty reliable rookie for people who bet on basketball online. Now that there are numerous betting variations available, players have the chance to fully examine the stats and potential of NBA rookies. But, are his first year stats enough to help people believe that Kuminga will become an NBA star?

Even though the stats above are pretty fascinating for a new project, Kuminga still has a lot of obstacles to surpass. First of all, the Warriors is a team of superstars that will always fight to win the title. In other words, if Kuminga wants to become an NBA star, he has to push himself to the limits.

That said, there is a chance for Kuminga to shine during the next season especially if Steve Kerr gives him more playing time.

Did Kuminga renew for next season?

As a 2021 draft first round pick, Jonathan Kuminga signed a 4 year contract with the Golden State Warriors. As of July 2022, Warriors don’t seem to be interested in trading Kuminga for the next year.

After all, the power forward was the 7th overall pick for 2021 and the Warriors have invested in his talent. Of course, we all know how the NBA summer transfer window is. So, even though there isn’t any news about a potential Kuminga trade, that’s left to be seen until the end of the off-season.

In any case, Steve Kerr’s opinion on Kuminga will definitely play a role in the club’s decision about his future. This is why it is very important to have a look at what Kerr has to say about Kuminga.

What is Steve Kerr’s opinion on Kuminga?

Recently, Kerr said that Kuminga shows great potential as he is strong, powerful and overall an exciting prospect. Of course, the manager of the Warriors is the one that will decide the future of both Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody by the end of the summer.

In any case, Kerr seems to be willing to give Kuminga the opportunity to find his place in the Warriors squad. The rookie had a lot of great and exciting moments during the last season and that didn’t go unnoticed.

There is only one question to be answered: Is Jonathan Kuminga able to shine during the 2022-23 season? This wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened to the Warriors.

Don’t forget that Jordan Poole had an amazing second year in San Francisco, counting more than 18 points in around 30 minutes per game.

Jonathan Kuminga: 2022-23 and beyond

So, the question really is if Kuminga is able to do the same during the next season. The fact that Jonathan Kuminga didn’t have the same participation with Poole during his first season, could be random.

After all, the competition for Kuminga’s position is steep. With Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins, Iguodala and Toscano-Anderson all healthy towards the end of the season, it was pretty rough for Kuminga to find more minutes in the Warriors games.

But some of the above, like Toscano-Anderson, have already left the club and this might be the best opportunity for Kuminga to show his potential. He sure has the talent needed.

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