The Trade that Started the Warriors Run . . .

You've probably heard Bill Simmons, Zach Lowe, and other NBA personalities talk about the start of the Warriors run. They usually say something along the lines of "New owner, Joe Lacob traded Monta Ellis for an injured Andrew Bogut. And the Warrior fans booed Lacob for it on Chris Mullin's jersey retirement night."

I don't have a problem with the first line. Although I loved Monta Ellis and the break neck speed he played at, Bogut gave the Warriors toughness and incredible screens and passing that were key to the Warriors success.

I have a problem with the second line that implies the Warrior fans were mad because we thought the trade was lopsided in favor of Milwaukee. This trade was over 10 years ago, so I'm wondering how all of you felt watching Joe Lacob take the mic on Mullin's jersey retirement night.

To the best of my recollection I was watching it on TV and when I saw the fans booing, I thought to myself, if I was at the arena I'd be booing too. And I'd be doing it for a few different reasons, none of which had to do with the talent being swapped.

Firstly, I loved Monta Ellis. He was a one man fast break for those We Believe Warriors. He was a long time Warrior and the only link to the We Believe team so he had a special place on Warrior fans' hearts. It was widely known by Warrior fans that Monta Ellis was told he would not be traded by Warriors management. Then as he shows up to a game he finds out about the trade from a teammate who saw the trade ticker scroll by on ESPN. Ellis was pissed about not getting a call from management to be notified of the trade. He deserved better than that and I was pissed on his behalf.

Secondly, the way retirement ceremony unfolded felt off. The Warriors weren't having a great season. But the fans put that aside and were enjoying a good night reminiscing about the RunTMC Warriors. Mitch Richmond spoke, Tim Hardaway spoke, they showed Mullin highlights on the Jumbotron, Mullin Spoke and then they raised the his Jersey to the rafters and everybody was feeling great. The ceremony should have ended right there. However, Greg Papa who was the MC takes the mic and says "We saved the best for last. Let's bring out the owner, Joe Lacob." That's when the boos started. It just felt like Locob was trying to steal the thunder from Mullin. Then Lacob and Rick Barry talked down to the fans for booing which only made things worse.

To me, the booing was never about trading Ellis for Bogut. It was all these other circumstances that lead to bad feelings towards Joe Lacob. I assumed that's how the fans in the arena felt as well. So it always bothers me when the media says "New owner, Joe Lacob traded Monta Ellis for an injured Andrew Bogut. And the Warrior fans booed Lacob for it." I'm interested in how those of you who remember watching the ceremony feel about the narrative.

Here's a clip of the ceremony. Mullin is getting a standing ovation at 10:28 and then Greg Papa and Joe Lacob make the night turn dark at 10:42.

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