What Would a New Deal for Jordan Poole with the Warriors Look Like?

The Golden State Warriors are living a great moment. After all, they’ve won the fourth NBA championship in eight years, a pretty enviable mark. Now, it’s up to Joe Lacob (majority owner) and Bob Myers (general management) to keep good things coming. It’ll mean a challenging offseason for both, as they need to reassemble the most vital players in the team. Among them, of course, there’s Jordan Poole.

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About Jordan

Jordan Poole is a 22-year-old NBA promise. He was an essential part of the Warriors’ most recent trophy, along with Andrew Wiggins. Poole has a background in college basketball, where he played for the Michigan Wolverines and won the Big Ten Tournament in 2018.

Jordan "Poole Party", as his colleagues used to call him, has been with the Golden State Warriors since 2019. He only became an integral team member in 2021, and no one doubts he’s here to stay. During his first season, he scored no less than 211 3-pointers. Poole has a brilliant career ahead, and the Dubs clearly want to be part of it for a while longer.

Investing Bravely

The Dubs’ performance during the past two seasons has left a burning question for fans and critics: how will they remain on the top? Those betting on the Warriors on any NBA betting site last year had 39 chances of winning. Will they still be that lethal for the upcoming season?

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are pending contract extensions to remain in the team. Given both athletes’ roles in the last title, they’re most likely to stay. Excellence doesn’t come cheap. Last year, the team spent approximately USD 350 million on payroll, and the bill could be even saltier next season.

Jordan still has to wait one year for his RFA (Restricted Free Agency). Then, he’ll be able to sign deals with any other team, although the Warriors could still retain him by matching the offer. It means that keeping Poole on the roster can become quite expensive in the near future with his business blogs.

There are already talks about a USD 190 million contract to secure the rising star for five more years. A salty bill indeed, but the Dubs show no sign of retreating, as they want to defend their title again. So, some deal will probably happen.

Business, As Usual

It’s not difficult to see why the Warriors believe it’s a worthwhile investment. The team is already among the most popular in the league. It also concentrates a handful of stars of rising promises, which will only become more valuable in the future. Such is the case of Jordan Poole.

Television contracts, merchandising, and shared advertising revenue are a few ways a team can profit from a great player outside the court. So, remaining on the top can be very lucrative, with benefits that go way beyond trophies and fat cash prizes. Last year, the team paid USD 159,898,091 in luxury tax: over USD 31 million above the apron.

The team probably won’t mind paying the sky-high luxury tax bills as long as titles keep coming in - nothing succeeds like success. The veteran star Stephen Curry still pays handsomely but has begun to show signs of ageing. On the other hand, Poole has just started and has prove to the doubters that he has the technique and leadership skills required to help the team remain on top for many years. No agreement has been signed yet, but no one expects Jordan Poole to hang the blue jersey anytime soon, which will be great news to all Warrior fans.

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