Raise Your Betting Odds: What The Golden State Warriors Are Up To Now

Basketball has been among many of the all-time favorite sports to play and watch! It is undeniable that this sport has truly captured the hearts of many basketball fans and bettors as the games are fast-paced and thrilling to witness. Now, online basketball games are loved by many for the entertainment value that it possesses.

In the past, watching a game could be a great idea, like watching the competitions participated by the Golden State Warriors- even others started to consider placing their bets on them because of how good they are on the court.

One good reason for this is because basketball could be predictable through which the dominant team could score higher than its opponent. Though it may be predictable, you'll never know what the court games will bring you once you start betting on your favorites. So, to help you keep track of what the Golden State Warriors are up to now; continue reading below.

Their Fans Keeps Multiplying

The Golden State Warriors or GSW is an American Professional Basketball team founded in the United States. Before it was called the "Golden State Warriors," it was called the Philadelphia Warriors, then as San Francisco Warriors, now known as Golden State Warriors.

Even if their name team's name changes from time to time, it is undeniable that their fans keep on multiplying as players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have kept bringing a winning attitude to the team. That attitude has culminated into a dynasty with 4 NBA titles adding to an already impressive feat for the team.

In this sense, as many fans catch on to the latest news and updates about the said team, more bettors feel good about placing a wager on them. Some reason bettors place a bet on GSW is their experience. You can expect that Curry, Thompson, Green, and the rest of the Warriors will be looking to repeat their championship win from the previous season. With the best NBA odds your sportsbook offers, you’ll love betting on the Warriors.

Wiggins On Covid-19 Vaccine

Andrew Christian Wiggins, a Canadian basketball player under the Golden State Warriors, was required to take a vaccine shot against the COVID-19 virus to be allowed to play in San Francisco. But, as he mentioned, he did not like it, and it was his choice to take it.

Initially, the GSW star was unwilling to get the vaccine as he requested to be exempted from taking the shot.He has decided to get the vaccine as it could pose some problems for his team, the Golden State Warriors, since the San Francisco Department of Public Health has required every participant aged twelve and above must be vaccinated to be allowed to enter the indoor competitions.

In this sense, if he hadn't taken the vaccine, he wouldn't be seen playing for the Warriors during their matches. Although he wished he did not take it, he mentioned in an interview that "you gotta do what you gotta do."

Steph Curry's Pop-up Shot at Daughter's Birthday

Riley Curry, the daughter of star professional basketball player Stephen Curry and actress Ayesha, turned ten years old last July 19, 2022. Stephen Curry has recently been known as the greatest 3-point shooter in the NBA.

During this time, the fantastic basketball player had spent quality time with his family as he shot 62 points in pop and shot games while playing 1v1 with his beautiful wife. The shots were a tribute to her daughter, who is also celebrating her birthday.

Curry Brother's Stand On Joining Forces

Basketball skills are rooted in the bloodline of the Curry family as brothers Seth Curry and Stephen Curry have been in the basketball industry for a long time, but with different teams. Seth, the younger brother of Stephen, recently said in an interview that he likes playing against his brother better than sharing the same team. Their father, Dell Curry, is also one of the best NBA players in the past.

Players Who Left The Team

After the Golden State Warriors won the title, three key players left as they signed deals with other teams. Damion Lee signed an agreement with the Phoenix Suns, Gary Payton II signed a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers; and Otto Porter Jr, who headed to the Toronto Raptors. Additionally, Nemanja Bjelica declined the Warriors’ offer and went to Turkey to play for Fenerbahçe.

Although GSW lost some key players, they have five new players joining them. These include Kevon Looney, who agreed to remain on the team considering having a three-year contract with a deal worth $25.5M, Donte DiVincenzo, who signed as a free agent, Patrick Baldwin Jr, who signed the season as a season rookie scale contract, Lester Quinones, and Ryan Rollins.


You have to remember that each basketball team differs, each having the unique characteristics that they show in the game. When you plan on betting on something you don't know much about yet, a great trick is to study, study, and study more about them to help you arrive at a logical and well-thought-of settlement. But, don't forget to have fun too while betting!

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