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Donte DiVincenzo throws out first pitch wearing cargo pants

His arm looked fine, but Draymond may have to talk to him about fashion.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Donte DiVincenzo answers the haters who said his pants didn’t have enough pockets
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Donte DiVincenzo was introduced to fans of the San Francisco Giants when he threw out the first pitch at the Giants-Dodgers game on Friday night. Apparently, he brought a lot of cargo out to the pitching mound with him, because why else would he be wearing those pants?

We can’t find footage of the pitch itself, possibly because it was confiscated by the fashion police. But the Warriors’ new shooting guard has a solid arm and got the ball over the place nicely when he threw out the first pitch at a Brewers game a few years back.

Look at that form! No warmup, no windup, and he whips that ball right down the middle. It’s the baseball version of a catch-and-shoot three, and Donte wasn’t intimidated by the pressure one bit. Also, look at those pants! Normal, form-fitting, presumably with no more than the standard four pants pockets (look, the watch pocket is a sub-pocket of the front pocket, not its own separate thing, OK?). It’s a flattering look, and those pants go all the way down to his ankle, rather than tapering awkwardly a few inches above his shoes.

Now, we don’t want to discourage anyone from following their fashion dreams. And maybe DiVincenzo spent his summer visiting Capri - that would explain the length of his pants. We’ve heard a lot about DiVincenzo - the “Michael Jordan of Delaware” - having a lot of tricks in his bag, and maybe he literally has so much stuff in his bag that it overflows, and he needs to have pockets on the side of his thighs, like an Army Ranger.

Perhaps I’m projecting, as a man who spent more years than I’d like to acknowledge wearing baggy pants with giant, empty pockets. Something the pants even had a loop for a hammer, something I never, ever hung there. Or used, if we are being completely honest. I just don’t want to see a young player with such a bright NBA future make the same mistakes I did at his age. Please do not buy a Von Dutch cap, Donte!

Still, the Warriors have to feel good about their new guard showing loyalty to the local teams, and for throwing a first pitch without doing this.

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