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Warriors officially announce Andre Iguodala’s return

He’s back. Officially.

Andre Iguodala, wearing a ball cap and sunglasses and holding his phone, smiling on the bus at the Warriors championship parade Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

We’ve known for a few days that Andre Iguodala would be returning to the Golden State Warriors for his 19th NBA season and his eighth with the Dubs.

But now it’s official. On Monday, the Warriors officially announced the signing of Iguodala, a former All-Star and the 2015 NBA Finals MVP.

Iguodala has handled all of this in the most Iguodala-like manner possible. He dragged out his decision all summer, waiting until the brink of training camp to announce his intentions for one final season.

He finally announced that he’d be taking the spot the team was holding for him, but since he waited so long, the team excused him from the first few days of training camp, as well as Sunday’s media day. He will, however, join the team in time for the upcoming preseason trip to Japan, as he made his 2022 practice debut on Monday.

The Warriors surely don’t mind excusing Iguodala from a few practices, and we can assume that will be the norm during the season, too. With 18 seasons, 1,223 games, and 39,394 minutes under his belt — plus an additional 177 games and 5,268 minutes in the postseason — Iguodala’s body can only take so much. He played in just 31 regular season games last year, and he’ll need to take it easy as often as possible if he wants to surpass that number this season.

Either way, he’s back. Officially. And that’s a very good thing for the Warriors.

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