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Andre Iguodala’s return to the Warriors was not an easy decision

Iguodala says he jumped “back-and-forth” as he mulled a possible retirement.

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics, 2022 NBA Finals Set Number: X164094 TK1

The Golden State Warriors had one last move to make as training camp gets underway: officially announce the return of Andre Iguodala. On Monday, Iguodala spoke to reporters, detailing the emotional “roller coaster” that eventually led to his return for another season.

Upon winning his fourth championship with the Warriors last season, many speculated that Iguodala was finally going to call it a career after 18 years in the NBA. During the offseason, the Warriors made it known that they would like him to return and saved him a spot on the roster as he contemplated his possible retirement. During the opening day of training camp on Saturday, head coach Steve Kerr told reporters that Iguodala was planning on retiring until the team convinced him to come back at the very last minute.

Iguodala resuming his NBA career is great news for Golden State. Despite the lack of playing time, the 38-year-old pro played a critical part in last year’s championship run as one of the team’s veteran leaders. Here’s how Kerr described the significance of Iguodala to this Warriors’ roster.

“He makes my job easier because we have so many young guys — they need coaching, they need mentoring, and Andre is the best there is with that,” Kerr said on Monday. “He loves working with younger guys — and as a player — he sort of makes everything work because he knows exactly where he needs to be, and he makes every line up click. If he’s not on the court, he’s teaching these young guys the same thing. Andre really is a crucial part of our whole program and I’m thrilled that he’s back.”

Although his decision to return may not have been an easy one to make, Iguodala is a legend in the eyes of Dub Nation and will continue that legacy on the court for at least one more season.

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